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    A favor.

    It all started with a favor in 1998. Anna Jamaa, the founder of Manager 4 Less™ remembers the very first time her mom, an influential Realtor who only dealt with home sales up until then, agreed to look after her friend’s property purely as a favor. Luckily, as the first experience was quite satisfying, we continued to offer this service at a rapid growth.

    After graduating from UC Irvine, attaining her Real Estate Broker’s license, and joining the National Association of Realtors, Anna stepped up to take over the business. Setting up a strong foundation and building modern systems took time, but it proved to be indispensable. Anna had not only managed to steadily grow the company’s sphere of influence, but implement a structure that not only worked efficiently, but provided service of the highest quality and security for all her clients.

    Our philosophy.

    Having grown up in the field, Anna couldn’t have been more aware of the deceit and lies that seemed to be ingrained in the profession. The foundations of this company are built on the philosophy to treat clients as family in order to bring integrity back in the game of real estate.

    At Manager 4 Less™ we understand your home is a highly valuable investment and we work honestly to secure and enhance your investment value. At Manager 4 Less™, not only do you have quality property managers looking after your home, but we are a hard-working team to support you.

    Our team is innovative and offers you affordable management packages, cutting edge technology, online services, skilled maintenance and accurate financials so that you can make the most informed decisions.

    With the Manager 4 Less™ team, you will reap the benefits of our efficient working procedures and honest efforts. Let our team secure your asset’s high value while keeping more money in your pocket.

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